How it works

Nail Revive

Nail Revive (formally Emtrix) is a revolutionary product produced in Sweden by a team of Dermatologists.  Nail Revive (formally Emtrix) has taken Sweden and the Scandinavian countries by storm and is currently the No. 1 seller for Onychomycosis and Nail Psoriasis in Scandinavia.

Nail Revive (formally Emtrix) is a clear, colourless liquid supplied in a plastic tube.

How does it work?

Nail Revive (formally Emtrix) changes the micro-environment within the toenail making it inhospitable for fungal and bacterial growth.

Nail Revive (formally Emtrix) utilizes three core ingredients delivered from a uniquely designed German engineered silicon tip.  The tip is a one way valve which prevents contamination and allows Nail Revive (formally Emtrix) to have no expiry date.

The three core ingredients of Nail Revive (formally Emtrix) are;
•    Urea
•    Lactic Acid
•    Sodium Hydroxide

These ingredients have powerful penetrating abilities allowing them to penetrate directly into the nail bed (without the need of filing) where the infection lies and changes the micro-environment of the nail making it inhospitable for fungal and bacterial growth.

During a lecture to Podiatrists at the Australasian Podiatry Council’s conference in Sydney (2014) a leading Dermatologist explained that;

“the future of treating fungal infections in toenails could be in new treatments which change the micro-environment of the toenails”.

What makes Nail Revive (formally Emtrix) so special?

You can use Nail Revive (formally Emtrix) with a high chance of success of improving toenail discolouration whether you suffer with a fungal toenail infection or from discolouration due to toenail trauma.  Nail Revive (formally Emtrix) works in both situations!